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December 2008 Group News Delta Kappa Gamma

December 2008 -- Delta Kappa Gamma

MerleFest 2009 will be Delta Kappa Gamma's fourth year to manage the Endowment Parking Lot (now referred to as Flattop's Lot). Delta Kappa Gamma is a society for female educators. They direct the parking and keep someone in the lot at all times to watch over the vehicles. Those who park in the lot appreciate having their cars watched and the careful placing of cars for easy exiting. The members also become helpful ambassadors by keeping a schedule of events on the site and answering any questions festival-goers might have.

"100% of the profits we make at MerleFest go into scholarship funds for two New Century Scholars (sixth grade students who are identified for scholarships to Wilkes Community College through Communities in Schools) or Grants in Aid for teacher assistants or teachers working on education degrees," said Sharon Guenther of Delta Kappa Gamma. She says that the festival also gives members an opportunity to share with others what their society does when people ask about their sign that hangs at the entrance to the parking lot. "We have met retired or presently working educators from all over the country as they come back to park with us each year. The people who park in the Endowment Lot feel that we are responsible. They also feel that the money we make is going for good causes that help students and teachers."

Not only do the students and teachers of Wilkes County benefit from Delta Kappa Gamma's work at MerleFest, but members also have a good time visiting with one another (when they are not too busy) and making new friends.

MerleFest appreciates Delta Kappa Gamma and their tireless work during the festival.