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March 2011 - Group Spotlight - WCC Culinary Club

March 2011 Group Spotlight - Wilkes Community College Culinary Club

Smiling faces of Wilkes Community College students can be seen all across campus during MerleFest. Those students represent WCC Club Organizations, a group encompassing all student clubs of the college. These students can be seen at the Wilkes Chamber Night reception, at the WCC food booths, and throughout campus. One of these student groups is the WCC Culinary Club.

“We are the face of the students of WCC to most of the attendees,” says Kimrey Jordan, faculty advisor for the Culinary Club. Mr. Jordan adds that his students and those of the other clubs provide attentive service and supply wholesome, tasty food and baked goods that you won’t find elsewhere at the festival.

From the funds they receives for their work at MerleFest, the Culinary Club offers tuition scholarships, takes students on field trips, buys specialized equipment, brings guest lecturers to talk about unique culinary skills, and offers financial support for graduates traveling to France or Panama. Yes, these students go to France most years to get first-hand knowledge of French cuisine! Their trip to Paris and surrounding areas includes visiting restaurants, cooking schools, commercial markets and homes where they sample and see the preparation of some of the world’s best food.

In addition to helping make this wonderful travel experience possible, the culinary students develop entrepreneurial instincts and critical thinking skills through their festival work that leads to a greater ability to develop long-term business success and happiness. Mr. Jordan explains, “They also learn the preparation, planning, coordinating and cost analysis of working a very large festival. These experiences embody what Wilkes Community College is all about, enabling members of our community to help themselves.”

So, when you encounter these students at the Chamber Night reception or at a beverage or food booth, wish the culinary students “Bon Voyage” and know that your patronage is broadening the horizons of many WCC students and making the future world a tastier place.