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October 2012 - Volunteer Spotlight - Travis Russell

Volunteer Spotlight - October 2012 - Travis Russell 

Travis Russell was born and raised in Los Angeles.  “When I would attend events that featured Doc Watson or someone like that, there were always so many attendees that you simply could not have close access to any of the performers,” says Travis. “What I love about MerleFest is that fans can get close and chat with performers.  As a volunteer, I found the acts themselves frequently started with conversation and it felt like a big family.” As a Doc Watson fan since he was a pre-teen, it took him many years to have the opportunity to attend MerleFest.  MerleFest 25 was his first time.  Travis volunteered as a stage crew. Travis Rusell 

He has more than 20 years experience in working concerts and events for a number of production companies.  He has held several different positions over the years including stage hand, rigger, chief electrician, crew chief, security supervisor and event promotions. 

Travis is currently the owner of Big T Productions focusing on Dark Attractions. Dark Attractions are professional haunted houses. His specialty is The Plague and Camp Nightmare.  After volunteering at MerleFest 25 Travis stated, “I have worked hundreds of tours for the biggest names in music such as Rolling Stones and .38 Special, MerleFest has been the most enjoyable gig yet! “ Travis is looking forward to MerleFest 2013. 

Travis lives in Clayton, North Carolina. In his spare time he enjoys playing various musical instruments, including guitar, banjo and the Dobro.  Travis also says, “Doc Watson inspired my music as a young guitar player.” 

We look forward to having Travis volunteer again this year.